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China's food and drug authority has issued another warning about overseas drugs sold online Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jersey , saying that 75 percent of such drugs are counterfeit.

The China Food and Drug Administration said in an online statement on Wednesday that the authenticity of generic anti-cancer drugs sold online cannot have their authenticity and quality guaranteed.

The authority cited an investigation by the drug administration of Shenzhen that said that 75 percent of foreign generic anti-cancer drugs supplied by online agents are fake and ineffective.

Zhi Xiuyi, head of the Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Capital Medical University in Beijing, said Chinese cancer patients turn to online agents mainly for cheap generic drugs and foreign new drugs have not yet been approved in China.

“Due to the high cost of developing new drugs and getting patents, many newly developed drugs are very expensive. Yet such drugs are included in the medical insurance systems of the EU and the US," he said.

“Many patients turn to online agents for those drugs because the drugs are too expensive in the domestic market or they are not yet available in the overseas market Cheap Boston Red Sox Jersey ," he said.

As for generic drugs, most that are sold online are imported from India, he said.

Cancer treatments like Gleevec, which typically cost more than 10,000 yuan ($1 Cheap Chicago Cubs Jersey ,600) a month, are not covered by the medical insurance system, while the cost for the generic treatments is only about 1,000 yuan a month.

An analysis by Doctors Without Borders, an international health organization Cheap Chicago White Sox Jersey , suggests India now makes one-fifth of the world's generic drugs, with about 50 percent shipped abroad and sold — often illegally — at a fraction of the cost.

Zhi said the drugs sold by online agents are risky as they are administered without drug authorities' supervision. “Patients can't tell the difference between genuine drugs and fake drugs as it requires technical expertise and equipment."

Peng Donghong, an official with the drug administration of Shenzhen, said the online transactions of drug sales have made it difficult to supervise the market.

According to Chinese regulations, online drugstores can sell only nonprescription medicine Cheap Cincinnati Reds Jersey , and the stores must obtain authorization from drug authorities.

To keep patients from resorting to generic drugs, the authority should speed up the approval of foreign drugs into the Chinese market and include more anti-cancer drugs in the healthcare system, Zhi said.

“There should be a fast track for anti-cancer drugs developed in the US or EU," he said, adding that it now takes several years for the Chinese drug authority to approve any new drug.

Meanwhile Cheap Cleveland Indians Jersey , the authority should expand the category of anti-cancer drugs covered by healthcare programs to make the drugs more affordable.

“It is impossible for the government to absorb the entire cost as the drugs are expensive. Thus the cost should be shared by three parties: the government, the patient and the drugmaker," he said.

How many of us know what hunger is? Did we ever experience the feeling of keeping our stomach without food for a day, week or even a month? Well, before that maybe our mom will pamper us with some of her finest recipes.

Yes Cheap Colorado Rockies Jersey , I m speaking about Mom and some of her recipes which we cannot escape or compare with any of those five star foods. I tried several times but the taste would never be like my mother's food. May be her touch gave a different taste to the food. The sweet aroma evokes the memories of my mom cooking those delicious delicacies for me. Girls generally learn to cook food from their mom. However, like the love is limitless and bountiful, the foods are too fettered with oil and spice.

A girl of today's generation generally prefers fat-free food with less or no oil and less spicy. We are hungry but don't want to eat those oily stuffs, we are obsessed about eating good food but not bothered about getting fat and or not being able to fit into our old jeans. We crave for the best food but with our food habits.

Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious Cheap Detroit Tigers Jersey , Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet, brings some of the most exciting recipes. Lisa Lillien, the author of this book, like any girl wanted to fit herself in the old jeans. However it was quite impossible as eating food was not only her passion but obsession. This obsession of eating good food made her do a research for recipes that will satisfy her conditions.

After struggling for several years with the weight issue, Lisa came up with some of the exciting recipes that did not only satisfy your taste buds but also acted as a weight watcher. She accumulated more than a million of food tips which ensured the development of a low calorie recipe. This book as written by Lisa Lillien helps us maintain health with ingredients such as applesauce for oil Cheap Houston Astros Jersey , splenda for sugar, low fat cream cheese, etc. She, in her own way has tried to make those tasty foods, desserts and sweet recipes with high calories & low fats Cheap Kansas City Royals Jersey , low cal versions of the ingredients. Below are some of the items which she has molded:

Eggs Bene-Chick: 183 calories
Bring on the Breakfast Pizza: 127 calories
Ooey Gooey Chili Cheese Nachos: 216 calories
Big Bopper Burger Stopper: 202 calories
Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge: 65 calories
Lord of the Onion Rings: 153 calories
Rockin锟?Tuna Melt: 212 calories
7-Layer Burrito Blitz: 277 calories
I Can锟絫 Believe It锟絪 Not Sweet Potato Pie: 113 calories
Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze: 160 calories

Your carving for delicious food will definitely get satisfied with this flavor as it is positively awesome. The new and most exclusive way to cook and eat food replacing classic recipes is definitely a creative yummy thought. Lisa is neither a nutritionist nor a dietitian,.
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